Coaching by Xp Multisport provides straightforward, no-nonsense, this-is-how-you-get-better training plans and feedback tailored to your abilities, goals and situation in life.


Reaching Your Goals

Xp Multisport training plans are based on hard work, simplicity and functionality.  Every workout counts, but each one is designed to fit your lifestyle and needs. Whether triathlon is your stress-relieving hobby or your consuming passion, personalized coaching by Xp Multisport will guide you to achieve your athletic goals.

Track Record

Xp Multisport has coached and managed numerous recreational athletes to PRs, age group wins and Ironman finishes since 2002. Professional athletes have scored major victories under Xp Multisport guidance.


Felipe Bastos

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Felipe is a professional triathlete, sports manager and attorney living in Tampa, Florida. He brings the knowledge from 16 years of experience in the sport - 11 as a professional - as well as lessons learned from the world’s foremost coaches to the table as coach at Xp Multisport.